Solution: Wi-Fi roaming

The cure for these inconveniences is Wi-Fi roaming, i.e. automatic switching between access points with the best coverage. Although some routers and additional access points have built-in support for them, for devices without such functionality (which does not always have the intended effect) and Android smart phones, we will get a lot more configuration options thanks to the application.

So we take the Smartphone and install the Wi-Fi Manager application, which we mentioned earlier. Ads appear in the free version, but you’ll find everything you need. On the main screen, we see a list of Wi-Fi networks, depending on the setting in the top bar: those that are in range or all that the phone remembers. In addition to the access point name, we can see its MAC address and available security. Next to it, the connection status, channel and signal level – graphically, in percent or directly in the unit dBm (between modes we switch by touch).

Devices that impede data transmission and reception

To improve the signal Boost your mobile signal in Cambodia  coming from the routers in the apartment or office, in another room where the network equipment is located, it is first necessary to limit the presence of other devices on the signal path. Among them it is worth highlighting:

Telephones, including cell phones and radio standard support;

  • Microwave ovens;
  • Various security systems;
  • Remote controls, regardless of whether it is remote control from the speaker set or the TV set.

To determine exactly which device in the network prevents the stable operation of the equipment, you can turn it on and off, actively use and vice versa, turn off each of them. In this case, you should carefully monitor the signal level on the indicator on the router or using the indicator on the device from which the connection was made. This approach will identify the causal technical tool and limit its use over the life of the network.

Network hardware item

Often your practice to gain the required characteristics, you can simply move the equipment to any place where, according to the logic of things, it could function better. In our case, such places are highly open positions, for example, desktop computers.

The list of approaches to solving the indicated problem, if the reason is the location of the equipment, is as follows:

It is necessary to select a high point – in this case, the amplifier will be the effective transmission range;

To increase the range radius of a particular room, you can set the router in the center. Don’t forget the height;